Frequently Asked Questions

HomeLoop is world-first technology providing real estate agencies with their own fully-branded listing platform in the form of an app.

The platform provides a real-time feedback loop between the listing agent, and buyers and tenants. Agents can understand within minutes of listing a property who is interested, and who is not, without a single email, text message or phone call being made or sent.

HomeLoop is not a CRM, but we do integrate your app with the CRM platform you are currently using.

Very little, as the process of onboarding your agents is automated via your CRM.

Agents with active listings in your office are sent an automated text message, directing them to download the agency’s new app and log in as an agent, using their mobile number.

When an agent lists a new property via the CRM, it is pushed directly to your app via the HomeLoop portal - the exact same process as any other online classifieds or third party platforms your office has an option to list on.

All listing and content featured on your app is pushed directly from your CRM. This includes photos, floorplans, videos and, in Victoria, a statement of information.

HomeLoop is a simple addition to the process agents already undertake when they list a property. They don’t even have to think about it - everything is automated.

During the appraisal process, an agent can demonstrate to a potential vendor the number of people on your agency’s app just waiting for a property like theirs to be listed.

This is achieved through a ‘reverse search’ for active buyers.

Agents simply add the details of a listing into the app - including the suburb, price, beds, baths - and click ‘Clients’. A list of all current potential buyers is generated. By using the ‘click to call’ functionality within the app, an agent can speak with a potential buyer from that list instantly.

Agents can even list a property directly via the app in front of the vendor’s eyes, securing feedback within minutes. This instant gratification will win your agents more listings. Vendors and landlords have never experienced anything like it.

The agent logs in to the app with their mobile number and creates a password, as per standard process. The system will then merge listings from multiple offices - if attached to the one app - into one view for the agent.

Your office has the option to automatically create accounts for everyone in your CRM.

A text message or email is sent to those for whom an account has been created, inviting them to download your app, set up a password and log in.

Moving forward, every new client added to your CRM is automatically created an account, and invited via a triggered text message.

Agents and agency staff do not have to do anything – everything is automated.

Within 30 minutes of an OFI, those who attended receive an alert via your app, asking for feedback on the property. No text messages or emails required.

Those who attended the OFI select either ‘keep in touch’ or ‘not for me' (and why)’. Feedback on the property is sent to the back-end of the app and to the agency’s CRM.

Agents can then prioritise the hot buyers to contact first, communicating via the chat and click-to-call functionality built into the app.

User data is fully owned and controlled by your agency. Your agency can turn off its app/platform with 24 hours notice. These assurances are contained within the services agreement provided to your agency at the time of sign-up.

HomeLoop does not monetise or use details from your database in any way whatsoever.

Set-up is easy. Agents with active listings in your office are directed via text message to download the agency’s new app. Their mobile number is their username and they’re encouraged to set up a password.

The ‘Agents login’ takes agents to the back-end of the app every time they log in, where they can see listing feedback and other data.

Agents receive a push notification every time a client sends a message. Every conversation is automatically saved to the app - no more double-handling information or scrolling through endless text messages and emails. If a message is missed, an automated reminder is emailed directly to the agent.

If, for any reason, you decide that your customised app isn’t for you, simply let us know and we will delete it from the App Store and Google Play for you.

Your agency can turn off its app/platform with 24 hours notice