Why HomeLoop

It’s 2021 and the market has changed. It’s harder than ever to win new listings. A fully branded app, powered by HomeLoop, is your agency’s competitive edge.

Give your agency the competitive digital edge

Helping agents to win new listings

An agent can perform a ‘reverse search’ for active buyers within the app, and direct list for instant feedback within minutes of the property going live. By using the ‘click to call’ functionality, an agent can also speak with a potential buyer instantly.

Hit the market
in seconds

The instant a new listing goes live in your CRM, it’s hitting the phones of people in your data base, looking for exactly what you’re selling or leasing. That’s before the expense of the major portals.

Instant feedback for vendors

At last: data is pouring in, in real-time, and it’s data that your agency owns. Agents can give vendors a temperature check on their property, based on feedback from buyers, instantly.

"The lack of real-time data in our industry is a massive problem."

Almost every other industry in the world is using real-time data to understand what clients want, what they don’t want, and to create and launch more targeted offerings. The real estate industry is years behind. With your own fully-branded app, data comes directly to you from your clients, in real-time.

Technology doesn't disrupt industries,
it disrupts inefficiencies.

We believe the current communication process between agents and buyers, and property managers and tenants, is broken. HomeLoop addresses inefficiencies in communication and helps your agents claw back their most precious resource: time.

We're all about saving agent's time

The current way

The HomeLoop way

For principals.

HomeLoop - White-label interactive real estate listing platform, information for Principals
HomeLoop - White-label interactive real estate listing platform, information for agents

For agents.

For buyers and tenants.

HomeLoop - White-label interactive real estate listing platform. For buyers and tenants.