Your agency deserves it.

Real Estate is really simple.

For agents, it’s about generating new listings.

For buyers and tenants, it’s about seeing it first.

Welcome to HomeLoop.

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Buyers and tenants expect speed and personalisation. HomeLoop can help agents and agencies deliver on these expectations, generating personalised feedback in minutes.

A property you haven’t listed yet… but may do so VERY soon…

The ultimate appraisal closer. Amazing Property allows agents to send a property they are yet to sign a lease agreement for to their platform’s user base with a matching search filter from the living room of the potential vendor or landlord’s home. Without a single text message, email or call required. You send them the listing via your branded platform directly from your phone. It takes 45 seconds and can include photos and video.

Generating instant feedback from those who receive it as they swipe interested or not interested. The vendor or tenant can watch this live whilst you enjoy a cup of tea, and will instantly see you have people looking for their homes.

To comply with all states listing laws:

  • The property as stated, is not for sale. However, anyone who expresses interest will be saved in the property insights for when/and if your agency ever publishes the property via your CRM. If this happens, the interested client’s data is instantly sent across.
  • No agent details who posted the property are provided to the database to contact.
  • The full address is not provided and is shown as suburb and property details only.


Once a sales or lease agreement is signed, you can switch the listing over to a SneakPeek, enabling the interested parties to know who sent them the property, and call, chat or message you instantly.

*Agents must be authorised to use this feature by the Principal/ office administrator who controls their ability to do so.

(Not available for homes for sale in NSW)

SneakPeek = More converted listings!

Your platform now enables you to list a property to your app user base within 60 seconds of signing a sales/rental authority. From the living room of the client’s home.

Generating instant feedback:

  • I’m interested
  • I’m not interested
  • I want a private inspection

Without a single email, text message, phone call, WhatsApp or another social medium.

Vendors knowing they can get instant gratification before you leave their home if they sign the authority will close you more listings.

Buyers and tenants know they see listings first on your branded platform.

  • This feature is fully controlled by the Master User of your office. Only agents who are allowed to use it, can use it.
  • The SneakPeek will synch with your formal CRM listing as soon as we receive it. The CRM listing will override the SneakPeek – but all data from the SneakPeek will be sent back to your CRM and will be available to view in your formal CRM pushed property listing.

Daily update on activity - Agents

Agents with current listings will receive an alert at 8.30 am each day of all new expressions of interest received via your app in the last 24 hours. They can then simply click through and see all new prospects in green.

Keeping them in the loop of all hot buyer or tenant activity. All this data is also pushed back to your CRM.

Daily update on activity - Vendors & Landlords

Vendors and tenants can also log in and view how many interested parties they have via your platform. Including an 8:30 am daily alert of any new positive activity.


**Vendors and landlords can obviously not see the names or contact details of those who have expressed interest in their property. 


A more informed
sales campaign.

With no cost to list, your app is the perfect early marketing listing tool. Whether part of a full campaign, or the ever growing off-market area of your business, your platform will save you time, connect with your data base and generate you more listings and revenue.


Instant feedback
on your listings.

Use your app to push listings out to active buyers and tenants in your CRM.  Your app replaces blanket emails, text messages and unwanted phone calls to your contacts.

Within minutes of listing a property, your agents can see detailed buyer insights on:

  • Clients the listing was sent to.
  • Who is interested and who isn’t.
  • Who is coming to an inspection.
  • Post-inspection feedback with ‘keep in touch’ or ‘not for me’ (and why).

Own every single interaction.

Every conversation is automatically saved to your app – no more double handling information or scrolling through endless text messages and emails. Agents receive a push notification; then an automated reminder is sent for any chats that are missed.

Prioritise your

Within 30 minutes of an OFI, those who attended receive an alert notification via your agency app, asking for feedback on the property. No text messages or emails required.  

Post property inspection, buyer feedback includes: “keep in touch” or “not for me” (and why).

Your agents can then prioritise the hot buyers to contact first, communicating via the chat function built into the app. 

Set-up is easy.

1. Invite your entire database to your platform.

When any client activity is detected in your CRM, a new user account is instantly created. An automated SMS is then sent, inviting your client to download your app, before setting their own property search filters.

Moving forward, every new contact entered in your CRM is automatically invited to your platform.

2. Seamless onboarding.

Whether it’s a 2, 20, 50 or 800-office network you control, your entire agency’s listings and agents can be onboarded to your platform. 

Your agency, your agents, your clients, all deserve HomeLoop.

How HomeLoop works for real estate agents

Our team is among the
best in the business.

Our team is among the best in the business.

Led by Steve Carroll, the people behind HomeLoop are customer experience and technology experts.

Steve’s career alone is one of epic proportions.

He’s held top-tier leadership positions for three of the world’s leading media companies – including international giants REA Group and News Corp – leading hundreds of staff. His obsession with technology and digital media has seen him liaise with the top tech giants across the world including Google, LinkedIn and Facebook.

As the CEO of HomeLoop, Steve’s vision is razor sharp: to drive real estate to be at the cutting edge of technology innovation.